A Brilliant Women Took Her Finger And Did Something Unbelievable. The Outcome Will Leave You Speechless…

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I already did
I already did

Zaria Forman is not your average artist.  Some of her paintings look so real its hard to believe that they aren’t and I’m still speechless by what she creates!

Not only is her work impressive and nothing short of amazing, but the craziest part is how she does it…

It might be hard to believe this, but she does all of this with her fingers alone! wow…artist-finger-painting-1 Zaria’s passion for art is one of a kind and her main source of inspiration comes from her childhood years when her mother took her traveling to some of the most remote destinations.  The result of this inspiration and sheer talent is truly unbelievable!

If I even tried using my finger to paint anything like this it would be a complete fail, but Zaria has a unique talent and precision with her finger to create these wonderful paintings.

artist-finger-painting-4artist-finger-painting-14 artist-finger-painting-13artist-finger-painting-8

These paintings would be considered stunning even if they were created with a set of art utencils, however it makes it even more incredible to think that a single finger created all of this.  wow…

artist-finger-painting-12 artist-finger-painting-11 artist-finger-painting-10 artist-finger-painting-9  artist-finger-painting-7 artist-finger-painting-6 artist-finger-painting-5 artist-finger-painting-3

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