I already did
I already did

This 13 year old girl from Houston, Texas had some help from Hyundai to make her dream come true – to tell her dad that she loved him.

Some jobs make it very difficult to spend time with your kids, but this 13 year old’s father has a job that makes it almost impossible to see her father much, because he’s an astronaut and works for NASA in space!

Thankfully even with this separation she was able to send a special message to her father


She was able to get Hyundai’s help to send a special message to only her father in space.

It took 11 cars and countless hours of preparation and work to make sure the message was visible at the perfect time.


These 11 Hyundai cars drove in unison on a large spot of sand to send the message easily visible only in space.

Message-from-space-5 Message-from-space-3 Message-from-space-4
From outer space the satellites even picked up the message as you can see below:


Her dad couldn’t have been more happy when he noticed the piece of sand with these special works words written on it “Steph <3’s You”


He was even able to capture the special moment on his camera.

To make this visible in space, the writing had to be written in a space of over 59,808,480.26 square feet.

We’ve never seen a message being sent like this, but it sure does touch the heart.  I don’t think this father will forget this message anytime soon!

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