Unlucky Swimmer Gets Attacked By A Great White Shark In Manhattan Beach California. And It Was Caught On Video…

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I already did
I already did

This 40-year-old-man never expected that a sunny day in the water of Manhattan beach California would end like this. This video was actual footage taken by “loudlabnews” and then uploaded to YouTube just hours ago!

At first people were laughing because they didn’t think it was real, but then the chilling screams started and they yelled to get out of the water…

County Fire Inspector Rick Flores said that it bit him by accident in his upper right torso, but then spat him out… The man was rescued but was bleeding badly, but still conscious.

News later has emerged that the shark attack was caused by the actual fisherman you see taking the video.

They supposedly hooked the shark at a long distance with their fishing line and then tried 30 minutes to reel it in.  Flores said that made the shark grow agitated. (Obviously) Then the man just happened to swim around the area at the wrong time when the angry shark was trying to get away.

Thankfully the fisherman decided to cut the line.  A surfer then put the injured swimmer on his board so the Los Angeles County lifeguards could rush get him to the Paramedics which began immediate treatment. (via: HuffingtonPost)



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