I already did
I already did

Companies these days are super careful about how they package their product and how it looks like to the customer. Apparently, these companies did not get the memo. While many of these are translation errors, we certainly hope that this one Chinese company isn’t selling shredded children.

Everyone makes mistakes, but these boo-boos will give you a horrified laugh! Don’t worry, I’m sure Pee Cola is safe to drink.


Image credits: twitowiefood-name-fails-funny-2

Image credits: Bill Greyskullfood-name-fails-funny-3

Image credits: moonglampersfood-name-fails-funny-4

Image credits: psitfood-name-fails-funny-5

Image credits: Duncan WJ Palmerfood-name-fails-funny-6

Image credits: sajumafood-name-fails-funny-7

Image credits: victor_leefood-name-fails-funny-8

Image credits: mrtrufflefood-name-fails-funny-9

Image credits: jugger-nautfood-name-fails-funny-10

Image credits: javiersanagustinfood-name-fails-funny-11

Image credits: velouria!food-name-fails-funny-12

Image credits: unknownfood-name-fails-funny-13

Image credits:

Image credits: sparky-meadfood-name-fails-funny-15

Image credits: istolethetvfood-name-fails-funny-16

Image credits: sa_stevefood-name-fails-funny-17

Image credits: Rhea

Image credits: imgur.comfood-name-fails-funny-19Image credits: weknowmemes.comfood-name-fails-funny-20

Image credits: tomblandfood-name-fails-funny-21

Image credits: trulik.skfood-name-fails-funny-22

Image credits: buzzfeed.comfood-name-fails-funny-23

Image credits: unknownfood-name-fails-funny-24

Image credits: thelotusforums.comfood-name-fails-funny-25

Image credits: unknown

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