I already did
I already did

Did you know that around 300 million tons of food is thrown out per year? Think about it. That number is far too large, considering the fact that a lot of the food is perfectly good, including those vegetables you never got around to eating.

Everyone knows (…or should know) that you should eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day, which can be a task, unless you consider donuts a vegetable. It’s not.

Well, Intermarché, French supermarket chain, hatched a plan to help out society and reduce waste products by selling fruits and vegetables their suppliers usually throw away at a cheaper price. 

At first, people were a bit skeptical of alien looking potatoes and oranges, but Intermarché convinced their customers that the fruits and vegetables were the same as their normal-looking cousins by handing out “inglorious” fruit juices and soups. The result? A smashing success! The supermarket chain sold all their inglorious produce. Intermarché was mentioned on TV and their campaign went viral on the Internet, bringing the whole world’s attention to an easy solution to the problem of food waste. 

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