This Python And A Frog Are The Weirdest And Cutest Best Friends…I Can’t Believe What They Do Together!

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I already did

This animal friendship is one of the strangest you’ll see – unlikely inter-species companions that are simply unbelievable.

A green tree frog and python grew up together in captivity and seem very contented and comfortable around each other, which seems to defy nature’s laws itself!

Frogs are usually on a python’s menu, but these two seem to have quite the time hanging out together. Photographer  Fahmi Bhs captured these two enjoying themselves at a nature preserve in Indonesia.

Because these two were raised together, this python does not eat frogs. 


Daily Mail

This is incredible in itself, because in the wild, frogs are a typical python snack. 


Daily Mail

But these two love spending the day together, going for climbs. 


Daily Mail

This frog loves catching a ride on his python friend!


Daily Mail

“Hello humans! Good to see you!”


Daily Mail

[Credit via The Daily Mail]

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