I already did
I already did

Rocks, dirt, and bricks, this guy eats them all!  its hard to believe at first, but this is an actual disorder is called “Pica.”  

This man isn’t willing to give it up and can’t stop eating consuming massive amounts of brick and rocks each day!  He’s addicted and there’s no way out.  

He has been chewing like crazy for over 20 years and continues to chomp away!  Sadly for him, this could cost him his life, but thankfully he’s still living to tell the tale.  eating-disorder chew-rockssad-brick-eating-disorder

However he has found a way to make some money by showing off his brick-eating addiction.  This has to be the craziest thing you’ll ever see, and its completely real!eating-bricks

Are your teeth hurting yet?  Just wait till you watch the video below.




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