I already did
I already did

This amazing science experiment reveals how much our emotions effect our physical heat levels. Its truly amazing how much our body is effected by how we react and how we feel.

The experiment that lead to the data seen in the image below involved 700 participants in Finland, Sweden and Taiwan which gives a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

The experiment aimed at mapping body sensations in connection with different types of emotional reactions. The data they collected is amazing…

“Participants viewed emotion-laden words, videos, facial expressions and stories. They then self-reported areas of their bodies that felt different than before they’d viewed the material. By coloring in two computer-generated silhouettes — one to note areas of increased bodily sensation and the second to mark areas of decreased sensation — participants were able to provide researchers with a broad base of data showing both positive and negative bodily responses to different emotions.”

Remember the first time you were in love? Where did you feel the emotion in your body?  This image depicts and reveals the heat mapping which indicates where each emotion is felt.

“Our emotional system in the brain sends signals to the body so we can deal with our situation,” says Lauri Nummenmaa, a psychologist at Aalto University who led the study.


“People look at emotions as something in relation to other people,” Damasio, a professor at the University of Southern California, also says. “But emotions also have to do with how we deal with the environment — threats and opportunities.” 

Our emotions play a big role in our life. If we choose to be happy and show love instead of envy, pride, or anger, our body can feel it.

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