I already did
I already did

When humans go under anesthesia, we come out looking groggy and generally look horrible. I’ve never heard of anyone coming out of anesthesia looking as fresh as a daisy. But no, not hedgehogs. Of course they would look just darling any time of the day, even when it comes to a teeth examination.

Benny the hedgehog needed to be put under for his dental exam, so they put the gas in a chamber for him to inhale…never fear, it doesn’t look as awful as it sounds! Benny is still dapper as always! See below:

1. Benny tipping the scale at 0.485 kg!benny-hedgehog-on-scale

2. Here we go! Time to take a nap. benny-hedgehog-before

3. Try and count backwards, Benny…5…4…3…2…benny-anesthesia-mask

4. …and 1…looks like he’s out!benny-anesthesia-working

5.The vet takes a look at Benny’s teeth…benny-oral-exam-dental

6. All done! Benny’s recovering nicely with some oxygen.benny-recovery-oxygen-mask

7. Benny’s feeling a bit drowsy, but he did it! What a champ.benny-after-drowsy

Benny managed to make a teeth exam look adorable – another win for hedgehogs everywhere.

{Thanks Imgur and Hedgehogsneezes for sharing! All credit goes to them.}

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