This Guy Does Something Brilliant For The Homeless That Everyone Should See. We Need More Of THIS…

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I already did
I already did

Being homeless isn’t fun, but its a real problem that many people face each day. Much of the problem that plagues the homeless is the indifference that much of humanity shows on  them, however this guy is doing something that the world needs to see…

This guy helps the homeless in a meaningful way by handing out care packages in the form of backpacks.

Random acts of kindness can be some of the best ways to pay it and this guy has a great idea that we all should do!

The reaction on the faces of the homeless people he helps is enough to bring tears… Watch below and pass it on to share the kindness this world needs to see.

Helping others can effect ourselves more then the person we’re helping.  When we care for humanity, the world gets better!  SHARE this video with your friends and family…



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