These Black-Footed Kittens Are Seriously The CUTEST Things You’ll Ever See. I Just CAN’T Handle It.

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I already did
I already did

Some things in this world are just too cute for words… We just can’t handle this level of cuteness, its just over the top.

The Philadelphia Zoo decided to add another exhibit and its just about as cute as it gets.

The Black-footed cats, Ascari and Aza, just gave birth to three kittens on April 8. They now call this zoo their home.



This particular species of cat comes from southern Africa. They like arid climates and are just loving their new home at the zoo.

black-footed-kittens-1 black-footed-kittens-3

These Black-footed kittens are just a cuteness overload!!! Checkout these pictures, then WATCH the video below. These kittens are seriously the cutest balls of fur you’ll ever see!!!

black-footed-kittens-4 black-footed-kittens-5

Just watch the video below, these are SOOOOOOO cute 😀

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