I already did
I already did

Like mother, like daughter! 

Mother and daughters share a special bond, although both parents are equally important, daughters often look up to moms in how to act and dress.

To celebrate this sweet relationship, here are 22 images with daughters looking up to their mothers – you can’t ignore the family resemblance in these 22 pictures.

mommy-and-me-similar-1mommy-and-me-similar-2 mommy-and-me-similar-3 mommy-and-me-similar-4 mommy-and-me-similar-5 mommy-and-me-similar-6 mommy-and-me-similar-duck-face mommy-and-me-similar-8 mommy-and-me-similar-9 mommy-and-me-similar-10 mommy-and-me-similar-11 mommy-and-me-similar-12 mommy-and-me-similar-13 mommy-and-me-similar-14 mommy-and-me-similar-15 mommy-and-me-similar-16 mommy-and-me-similar-17 mommy-and-me-similar-18 mommy-and-me-similar-19 mommy-and-me-similar-20 mommy-and-me-similar-21 mommy-and-me-similar-22

[Source: Northcoastjournal]

These pairs could be twins! How cute it is to see Mommys and their Mini-Me’s having fun together. Share these photos online with your Mom and loved ones! 




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