Some Residents Installed A Camera After Realized Things Were Stolen. Footage Showed Strange Thief…

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I already did
I already did

Homeowners in a San Mateo, California neighborhood kept noticing some of their things were gone.

Worried, they installed a camera to figure out who was the culprit.

When they reviewed the tapes, everyone was surprised to find out who the burglar was.

No one knew what to do with this robber…



The tape revealed the thief was Dusty, the Klepto Kitty.


Dusty’s owners’s, Jim Coleman and Jean Chu, stack piles of things that their cat has brought in over the years.


Socks seem to be a favorite. Apparently, Dusty has taken over 600 items. In one night’s escapade, he took 11 household items from nearby homes.


Dusty loves nighttime shopping; he thinks it’s a purrrfect time for retail therapy.


Cat experts think that  Dusty’s predatory instincts have gone awry and this causes him to hunt for other people’s things.


Neighbors now watch out for the burglar, but they don’t intend on filing police reports. 



Watch Dusty in action:

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