I already did
I already did

I’m not sure why someone didn’t think of this already, but it’s EXTREMELY cool!

This concept designed and headed by Scott Brusaw aims to save the planet, our jobs, and do much much more. This incredible solar project will create a safer, better, and more efficient road system. And the best part is it’s really happening!

The project, Solar Roadways, isn’t just about saving energy and creating a cleaner environment, it’s about saving our economy by giving jobs to everyone and lowering your electric bills!

You thought this was everything? Think again…


Solar Roadways are hexagonal shaped pieces that have amazing traction control, and in icy weather these panels use their own power to melt the snow or ice. Just when you thought these solar panels couldn’t get any cooler, they do!

These solar panels can detect when Deer, Elk, or any animal is on the road and warn you in advance!  Many lives and cars can be saved with these amazing roads. Theres even more amazing features that can be seen by watching the video below:

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