I already did
I already did

Fabian Brunsing has invented a device that is just about the sickest thing I’ve ever seen.  His device is called: “Pay & Sit: The Private Bench”

The device uses dangerous metal spikes along with a handy coin slot to deter the homeless or the weary coin-less traveler. This is pretty much the most demented thing I’ve ever seen…

This video below has gone viral since HuffingtonPost recently posted about actual spikes being installed outside luxury apartments in London, but lets hope they don’t use this invention too, because its getting close enough. This is just horrible…


Are you tired?  Want to take a rest on this bench? It only costs about 70 cents US and you can have the luxury of sitting on this fiendish device.

If you don’t pay up, you can enjoy the pleasure of having spikes rammed up into places I’d rather not think of… I would choose the ground, Beware!  Just watch:

Horrible? Sick? Demented? Unbelievable? Yes! Lets hope this bench never makes it to a park near you…



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