I already did
I already did

Life can change in a matter of seconds. Its unpredictability leads to instability, and for many it is difficult to see the carnage, fear, anxiety, hatred and violence happening in our world.

So we overlook it all, until we become desensitized because being blind is easier than lending an ear or a helping hand.


The thing we do a double-take at is kindness. Strangers taking the time out of their lives to show some compassion to others they may not even know or see again.

Small, random acts of kindness may never make the front pages, become a Youtube sensation, or be remembered again. But maybe that’s not the point….

Because kindness is the one thing that makes our world better. And makes us better humans.

So despite evil and cruelty, kindness and love stubbornly persist.

Now this is your chance  – shock your world. Be kind to one and all.



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