Guy Posted His Hospital Bill Online And It Went Viral. You’ll See Why Everyone Has Something To Say About It…

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I already did
I already did

This 20 year-old man developed appendicitis in October. He posted his hospital bill on Reddit and it has gone viral across the globe.

As if waking up in terrible pain isn’t bad enough, then his hospital bill showed up a few month later. Ouch.

The U.S. healthcare system is a hot topic not only statewide, but around the world. Especially since a lot of countries receive “free” healthcare, this has stirred up debate.

The original bill was over $55,000. Luckily, the 20 year-old man was on his father’s insurance, so the cost was lowered to $11,000.


Which is still a high price to pay for a young, college-aged person. Notice he was in the Recovery Room for only 2 hours and it cost him $7,500.


The actual surgery cost $16,000.


This bill has caused quite the uproar. A lot of other citizens from other countries shared their experiences. 

This Australian with appendicitis “never saw a bill”. australian-hospital-bill

A Canadian woman had foot surgery and her only charge was $60…for cable. Wow. 


A Malaysian paid around $25 US dollars for an appendectomy. 


An American got cancer and had to file for bankruptcy. At age 24. 


His cousin died at age 27 because he had reached his “lifetime limit” for cancer treatment.


$2000 for a juice box, a pill, and a night’s stay. 


What do you think? We don’t take political sides in any way here, but I think we all can see these costs are too high.

Perhaps now they will lower with Obamacare? Share this guy’s hospital bill with others. 



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