I already did
I already did

Persecution is very bad in some parts of the world, but I had no clue it was this bad… And its happening right now as we speak.

Meriam Ibrahim is a Sudanese woman and only 27 year-old. She is facing so much religious persecution that she may die soon.

Meriam’s father was Muslim, but then she converted into the Christian faith. But now she is in jail for it.  I don’t care if you’re Christian, Atheist, Muslim, or no religion, but this is out right wrong!

The Sudanese government has sentenced her to death and has stated that her becoming a Christain was a “crime.”  

death-penalty-lawBut it gets even worse. She was 8 months pregnant with her second child when she was taken to jail. If you think this is worst thing that can happen, you’re wrong.  Then she had her baby in jail with her feet chained together and no proper help. 

After a public outcry, her young son and daughter was allowed to live with her in the prison. she is now awaiting execution.

Lawyers and political leaders have been fighting to free her, but so far they have not succeeded and she will die.  This is most likely the worst thing that I have ever heard, but its true…

There is news circulating the internet that she was released, but its NOT true. The official gave the BBC a FALSE report, stating that she would be freed in a few days. 

The government is trying everything it can to STOP the sharing of this, so the horrid act can be forgotten and she can be killed in silence, but people are still sharing this around and the horrid truth about what is happening must be SHARED.death-penalty-muslimdeathThe Sudanese law requires under the death penalty that children MUST follow their father’s faith. Mariam’s father is a Muslim, but she was predominantly raised by her mother, an Orthodox Christian.  She now faces certain death.

Only 12 other countries in the world have laws that are like this and its undeniably sick.  We can help this stop if we share this around and people see what is really happening, but unfortunately you don’t see things like this plastered on the TV.

We need to demand a STOP to this violation (and neglect) of Mariam’s basic human rights.  It’s disgusting and beyond insane… 

Please share this story and raise awareness of her appalling situation. Hopefully with everyones help we can demand that she be set free…



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