This Cat Has A Huge Crush On A Guy, And It’s Even More Adorable Then It Sounds. Cuteness Overload!

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I already did
I already did

This guy has the most loving crush you’ll ever see.  It’s not a human, but a cat, a cute and adorable cat!  After watching, i’ve decided that I want a cat just like this (:

This cat seems to be highly infatuated with this man and won’t stop it’s unending acts of love and compassion.

Be prepared for a cuteness overload and watch the love below:

At midnight every day, Kalim makes his coffee to study and stay awake. Every single night, this adorable cat snatches the opportunity to overwhelm him with her affection.

Kalim also said, “I love her soo much and I think she loves me back …”

If this isn’t the most adorable loving relationship you’ve ever seen, then give it some love and share with your friends.



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