These Are Brown Dessert Hills. NOPE. Take A Closer Look And You’ll Be Surprised. But Wait… What?!

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I already did
I already did

I was just as surprised as you are when I saw these weird works of art, but my mind keeps trying to play tricks on me…

Just keep guessing because at first you’ll have no clue what your looking at and then you’ll see it…

See what? Maybe its the wind-blown sands of the Sahara? Nope, your still wrong, these are bodyscapes.

Carl Warner, the photographer responsible for these incredible mind-twisting photos, created 13 stunning landscape photos using… you guessed it… body parts!  Check it out.bodyscapesbodyscapes10bodyscapes11 bodyscapes12 bodyscapes9 bodyscapes8 bodyscapes5  bodyscapes7  bodyscapes6 bodyscapes4 bodyscapes3bodyscapes1 bodyscapes2

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