I already did
I already did

It’s quite revolting that restaurants wouldn’t clean their ice makers and use better water, but its too late for that. You’re already drinking water that contains more bacteria then a toilet bowl. Think its a joke? its not.

Jasmine Roberts from middle school did a science project and shocked everyone while unveiling something seriously gross facts: 70 percent of the time, ice from fast food restaurants was dirtier than toilet water.

This 12-year-old middle schooler collected ice samples of five restaurants in the South Florida area. To create an unbiased set or results, she retrieved samples from both self-serve machines inside the restaurant as well as drive-thru windows. Then she retrieved toilet water samples from the same restaurants and tested all of them for bacteria under a microscope.

During the testing, the ice from the samples tested positive for E. coli bacteria, a harmful bacteria from human waste. E. coli bacteria is also linked to several illness outbreaks across the country.

Maybe this has to do with some of the unexplainable sickness outbreaks that have swept the country?

“These [bacteria] don’t belong there,” Dr. David Katz, medical contributor to “Good Morning America.” said. He also goes on to say “It’s not cause for panic, although it is alarming because what she found is nothing new. You’re not more likely to get sick now. But she’s done us a favor by sounding the alarm.”


To confirm these facts, another experiment in Britten was conducted involving a number of different restaurants including McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Starbucks, Cafe Rouge and Nando’s also found they all had higher levels of bacteria than water found in toilet bowls.

Scientists are now confirming that there is a satisfactory level of bacteria found in toilet water. The ice quality at Starbucks and Cafe Rouge fell into this category as the highest risk.

Im sure there is some level of variance within these studies, however it does bring up some startling points. I hate to even think this is real, but it is, and it’s shocking. These credible studies were also featured on and ABC NEWS.

As shocking as this may be, it may be time for restaurants and other food service outlets to take a hard look at where their ice water comes from. I’m still in disbelief…

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