I already did
I already did

Say hello to Andrew Myers, one of the most incredible modern-day sculptors you’ll ever hear about.

The best part about modern art is the fact that it isn’t constrained to a paint brush, instead modern art can be the creation from other objects to create any modern art form.

This man literally takes a box of screws and creates these amazing 3D pieces of screw art. WOW…


But this isn’t just any art form, its a phenomenal piece of talent that will blow your mind.  I still can’t believe that he can just took a pile of screws and did this.  This is 3-dimensionally amazing!


He begins with a piece of plywood, then he places some pages of a phone book on the top. Then he draws out a face and pre-drills nearly 10,000 holes all by hand.


One of the craziest things about his art is that he doesn’t rely on any computer or software to help in the proccess, instead he figures it out as he creates the piece of artwork. “For me, I consider this a traditional sculpture and all my screws are at different depths,” he says.

amazing-3d-screw-art-16 amazing-3d-screw-art-14 amazing-3d-screw-art-15 amazing-3d-screw-art-13 amazing-3d-screw-art-12 amazing-3d-screw-art-11 amazing-3d-screw-art-10 amazing-3d-screw-art-9 amazing-3d-screw-art-8amazing-3d-screw-art-1 amazing-3d-screw-art-4  amazing-3d-screw-art-2

I’m literally “blown away” by this one. It’s simply incredible.


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