I already did
I already did

People complain everyday about the little problems they have, but they don’t really know how good they really have it! What if you had no food? What if you had a hard dirt floor to sleep on?

In many third world countries, your lucky if you even have a drop of clean water to drink… And in some locations, staying alive to the next day, is actually a problem worth worrying about…

If you think its annoying when your phone battery is dying or when you’re stuck in traffic, think twice, because there are many other people in this world that have to cope with much bigger issues like staying alive another day.

This video shows people in third world countries reading the things that first world people say. Just watch this video, you’ll never look at first world problems the same This is truly powerful…

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It’s a reminder that there are NO first world problems. Our little problems are not problems.



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