I already did
I already did

This man came home to discover that some scumbags had thrown their trash right on his property in Keener Rd, Umatilla OREGON – USA.

Frustrated, he went to check out the mess for some identification to possibly to return the trash to it’s rightful owner.

Instead, he found something that left him speechless!


You’ll never guess what he found underneath all that junk.

A Man Noticed Someone Had Dumped Garbage On Their Property, But Then He Found Something Unbelievable!

In the middle of all that garbage, there was a dirty old envelope. 

A Man Noticed Someone Had Dumped Garbage trash On Property-1

When he opened the envelope, $120 fell out! Six 20 dollar bills someone had thrown into the rubbish. 

A Man Noticed Someone Had Dumped Garbage trash On Property-2 copy

He posted his unbelievable story to Facebook.

“To the DIRTBAGS who thought it would be cheaper to dump their garbage on Kinnear rd, Thanks, no really Thanks. While looking thru what you dumped on our property to find a name or identifying mark of some kind…. I found an envelope with $120 in it. thats right 6 twenties. HAHAHA you could have paid the dump fees and still been money ahead.”


His picture has gone viral, as locals couldn’t believe someone would thrown away cash.

man noticed something

The people who littered were careless enough to hand out $120 for FREE.

A Man Noticed Someone Had Dumped Garbage trash On Property-4

Let this be a lesson to anyone wanting to litter and not dump their trash properly – what goes around comes around. Karma always wins.

What an unbelievable story! That man deserves the money. If you agree, SHARE this story with your friends and family!

(Image source: Publicly shared Facebook image post. ALL Images For Illustrations purposes only – Based on a true story)



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