A Grieving Widow Gets Mugged By Man, In Return His Teenage Son Does Something Unheard Of…WATCH THIS

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I already did
I already did

There are a lot of terrible things we see on the news, so a story like this restores faith in humanity. Sometimes there are ways to right a wrong, and this young man definitely did all he could to make up for a wrong-doing he didn’t even commit.

Tona Herndon is a 78-year-old from Bethany, Oklahoma, who was visiting her husband’s grave recently, as he had just passed two weeks before. As she got into her car, overwhelmed with grief, she didn’t even see the robber who would steal $700 and her purse. His mugshot was went on television, and 15-year-old Christian Lunsford realized it was his father, Shane.

Christian immediately went into action and tried to contact Tona to ask to meet her. What happens next will amaze you! Watch what happens:

It takes a real man to do what this 15 year old did…share this incredible story with your family and friends to encourage them!



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