I already did
I already did

Apparently, the chances of you getting hit by lightning at least once in a lifetime are only 1 in 3,000…yikes. That’s a scary number.

Turns out, this phenomenon is not unheard of by these seven people who live to tell the tale. How this happened to them, and how they survived through it is incredible. Whether they were super lucky or unlucky is up to you to decide.

Check it out:

1. This man, Tony Cicoria was an orthopedic doctor who got struck by lightning one night, and instead of dying like a normal person, he all of a sudden NEEDED to play the piano. Before the strike, he had never been interested in music, but now he is a professional concert player who composes his own beautiful songs and performs all of the U.S. Crazy!


2. Did you know that if you get struck by lighting, you can sometimes get these awesome-looking scars that will make you look like a Sci-Fi character? Yup.

lightning-tattoo woman-lightning-tattoo

3. Roy Sullivan, aka, “Human Lightning Rod” is in The Guinness Book of World Records as the person struck by lighting the most of times ever – SEVEN separate occasions! Unbelievable that he lived through them! The probability of Sullivan getting struck that many times is one to one octillion, which makes him very lucky…or unlucky. 


4. This guy, Adam Campbell, is a Canadian runner who ran the Hardrock 100 trail race, but at the highest peak, he got struck by lightning. But, for some INSANE reason, Campbell kept running without a problem! He finished 12 hours later in 3rd! Amazing! (He wins 1st in our book for his effort.) 


5. This woman was struck by lighting while she was pregnant with Kimberly Gordon which is unheard of. The baby and momma survived, however “Little Flash Gordon” survived with neurological damage. The girl’s hair stands straight up on its own, as if someone had just rubbed a balloon against her head. No joke – but this happens all on its own. Crazy, right? Natural Einstein hair!


6. Edwin E. Robinson, a 62-year-old man, had gone blind after a car accident. But after he got struck by lighting, Edwin amazingly regained his sight and could hear perfectly without his hearing aid! “But now I can hear my wife’s complaining”, he grumbles. 


Crazy right? Just in case you get any ideas, and head out into a storm with a 12-foot metal pole…just don’t. 


Lighting is as fickle as petting a cat’s tummy. Don’t mess around with it! Lightning does not alway give it’s superpowers away but ALWAYS causes severe burns and wounds. 


Lighting can instantly stop a person’s heart or cause cardiac arrest. 


If the electrical current passes through the brain, it can cause a coma or explode the brain. Yes, you heard me, Explode. The. Brain. 


It can rupture ear drums…


…And cause death. Obviously. 


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So don’t get any grand ideas and purposefully try to get struck by lighting like Mel Gibson in What Women Want. Not the best idea. Still, these people are remarkable – like the guy who could hear and see again after being struck? Crazy!

If you trust your Facebook friends not to stand on a roof with a metal 12-foot rod during a thunderstorm after reading this, give these stories a share! 



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