35 Most Incredible Places To Visit Before You Die. I Can’t Believe These Places Actually Exist, But They Do…

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There are many places in the world that we’ve only seen in pictures, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. These 35 unbelievable places are almost surreal, but they’re real. If I ever get a chance before I die, i’ll travel to see these incredible landmarks that look as if they were taken from a science fiction movie. These 35 places will make you want to hope on a plane right now!

1. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-1The rainy season in Solar Bolivia turns one of the world’s largest salt flats into the world’s largest mirror. In fact, this salt flat is so perfectly reflective, that it has been used to calibrate satellites.

2. Tianzi Mountains, China

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-2 Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-3

3. Sentinels of the Arctic, Finland


4. Reed Flute Caves, China

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-5 Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-6High pressure water erosion has caused these beautiful stalactites and stalagmites to appear in incredible formation. The 240-meter-long cave system has been one of Guilin, China’s most famous landmarks for the past 1200 years. The multicolored lights have been added to create an astounding effect on this cave.

5. Yuanyang County, China


6. Eilean Donan – Loch Duich, Scotland


7. Sea of Stars, Vaadhoo Island, Maldives


8. Bigar Waterfall, Romania

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-10This may not look like the most incredible waterfall in the world, but it is. This waterfall is over 8 meters tall and is called “the miracle from the Minis gorge.” The incredible moss formation is a stunning site to see. Pictures don’t do justice to this incredible place.

9. Grand Prismatic Hot Spring, Wyoming


10. Deadvlei, Namibia

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-14 Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-15At first glance you might be tricked into thinking this is a painting or photoshop artwork, but this is a real place. The trees you see standing against a orange background is one of highest sand dunes in the world. This used to be a thriving forest, but the sands continue to kill all vegetation; hence the name “dead valley.”

11. Turquoise Ice, Lake Baikal, Russia

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-16Lake Baikal is an astounding place. What you see above is an incredible ice phenomena caused by frost and sun cracking the surface of ice crust, which then results in incredible turquoise ice shard formations.

12. Socotra, Yemen

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-17 Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-18 Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-19One third of the plant life and vegetation found on Socotra Island has never been seen anywhere else in the world. The dragon blood tree is just one of many bizarre plants found on this island.

13. Zhangye Danxia Landform, Gansu, China

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-20The incredible color you see above is red sandstone and mineral deposits which were laid down years ago. These natural towers, pillars, ravines, valleys and waterfalls are quite an astounding sight to see.

14. Tunnel of Love, Klevan, Ukraine

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-21Three times a day this tunnel heard the echoes of a train which shaped this eye-catching place. The railroad was then abandoned and slightly overgrown. The “Tunnel Of Love” is now a perfect destination for lovers in search of natural beauty.

15. Glowworm Caves, Waitomo, New Zealand

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-22Millions of tiny glowworms happily hang to the ceiling of this cave and emanate their beautiful luminescent light.

16. Palouse Falls, Washington, United States

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-23This incredible sight can only be fully appreciated in person. The canyon was carved out by fast moving water and then populated by vegetation in Spring. This incredible waterfall plummets over 175 feed into the water below.

17. Skaftafell Ice Cave, Iceland

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-24These incredible Ice caves found in Iceland, are temporary and form at the edge of glaciers when flowing water melts into glaciers causing the hole that evolves into this. This ice has very few air bubbles and because of this, the light shines through creating an erie ambiance that can only be experienced in real life.

18. Antelope Canyon, Arizona, United States

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-25 Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-26Immense water pressure carved out these incredible canyons that now reflect the dim sunlight which creates an incredible range of color.

19. Highlands, Iceland

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-27 Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-28The highlands of Iceland have some of the most incredible glaciers, craters, lakes and geysers, but by night, these incredible natural lights are a sight to behold. The astounding colors that are seen during a display of the “Aurora Borealis” is a breathtaking sight indeed.

20. The Eye of Africa, Mauritania

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-29This place is found in the middle of the dry and barren Sahara Desert. The deeply eroded bowl stretches over 24 miles in diameter and is a sight to behold. This natural formation is so astounding that many scientists were lead to believe it’s formation was caused by an asteroid impact.

21. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-30Plitvice National Park is the largest waterfall in Croatia and the oldest to be seen in Southeast Europe. The erosion of limestone has created dams and lakes which form one of the most incredible waterfalls to ever be seen.

22. Lake Natron, Tanzania

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-31This lake has an extremely high salt content which which causes salt-loving microorganisms and bacteria to thrive and produce the red pigment which colorizes the water to an intense red.

23. Hidden Beach, Mexico

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-32This amazing hidden beach was not natural, but cause by a military explosion test in the early 1900s. This truly secret beach can only be accessed by a fifty foot tunnel. When you get to the end you’ll see why its totally worth it! This is the only secret beach in the world that was created from a bomb exploding and its a beautiful sight to see.

24. Naica Mine, Mexico

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-33 Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-34This is a silver mine that is coated in crystals which can be as big as 50 feet long and 4 feet wide. These amazing formations were created by hydrothermal fluids rising from multiple magma chambers below. When it comes to caves, this is truly one of the most incredible!

25. Underwater River, Cenote Angelita, Mexico

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-35 Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-36

Cenote Angelita looks normal on the surface, but it’s actually one of the most bizarre bodies of water you’ll ever see! This river is full of hydrogen sulfate particles which are heavier then salt water causing them to sink to the bottom. The heaver sulfate particles form its own separate body of colored water which is seen on the bottom as a separate river flowing mystically under the first body of water.

26. Fingal’s cave, Scotland

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-37 Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-38

This incredible cave formation was created by the fracturing of lava as it hit the cold water. The square pillared sidewall of the cave gives it a bold look as you enter the mysterious darkness within.

27. Aogashima, Japan


This volcanic island located 200 miles off the coast of Tokyo called Aogashima is a breathtaking sight to see. But when you look closer you will see that there is a smaller volcano within the volcano island itself.

28. Mount Roraima, South America


The walls of this table top mountain are sheer vertical cliffs. There are several waterfalls that fall off the edge creating a magnificent view from the sky. When the mist enshrouds this Roraima, a breathtaking sight unfolds.

29. Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius Island

From ground level, this doesn’t look like much, but from a arial view, you see the incredible sand being swept into the depths beneath.

30. Fly Geyser, NevadaMost-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-43

Fly Geyser is said to be created on accident when a well was drilled but left uncapped. The theory that causes this is minerals and algae rise from the geyser and accumulate to form this bizarre mound shape which is seen above.

31. Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-44 Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-45

These artificial looking rock formations were caused by laval melting as it cooled over some time. It almost looks fake, but its reality.

32. Patagonia Marble Caves, Chile


This amazing formation is the result of repeated crashing waves against the calcium carbonate cave walls, the result is these incredible swirling walls seen above. The beautiful edges and curves seen in this marble cave reflect the incredible azure waters creating one of the most unique caves you’ll ever see!

33. Caño Cristales River, Colombia

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-47 Caño Cristales - Los Ochos

The incredible habitat of fauna and flora causes this river to radiate yellow, green, blue, black and red. The Caño Cristales River is said to be the most beautiful river in the world.

34. Pamukkale Hot Springs, Turkey

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-49 Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-50

When I first saw this, it looked like ice formations, but its quite the opposite! These natural hot tubes are actually made from white limestone buildup from years past. This is a perfect destination for those that want truly natural hot springs year round!

35. Lake Hillier, Australia

Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-51 Most-Incredible-Places-To-Visit-52

This bizarre coloration is due to dye created by algae and bacteria within the water. Although the water maintains this weird color year round, humans and local wildlife seem to survive just fine. But for some reason I don’t think I would feel right swimming here.

Lets hope we all have the time in our lives to explore these incredible places. If you agree, share with your friends and travel the world!



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