I already did
I already did

You’ve probably heard of the trend on the Internet of recreating old childhood photos, where people take an old photo and try to dress and pose in the same location, even though that was maybe around 20 years ago.

These family photos will have your sides-splitting! Some of these before-and-after poses are so ridiculous you won’t believe your eyes.


1. Sound asleep…





2. Showin’ some puppy love!before-and-after-childhood-puppy



3. Captain Underpants!before-and-after-childhood-sailor



4. A Dad and his children 23 years later…before-and-after-childhood-family



5. Two brothers chillin’ in two tubs 20 years laterbefore-and-after-childhood-cousins



6. Still on the pot after all this time. Must be laying an egg. before-and-after-childhood-toilet



7. Those stripes though. before-and-after-childhood-white-house



8. Family fun in their red truck before-and-after-childhood-truck



9. The same place, the same time…17 years later. before-and-after-childhood-pot



10. Still BFFs after 29 years!before-and-after-childhood-best-friends



11. I’m not sure why, but this guy’s enthusiasm freaks me out. Not gonna lie.before-and-after-childhood-white-tshirt



12. Yikes! before-and-after-childhood-jack-daniels



13. Siblings still love playing in the sand!before-and-after-childhood-sand



14. #Posing #BeforeAndAfter #StillGotItbefore-and-after-childhood-posing



15. Father and Son 60 years laterbefore-and-after-childhood-walking-men



16. Still too tired to get into bed 20 years laterbefore-and-after-childhood-sleeping-boy



17. Pizza and burger 18 years after!before-and-after-pizza-burger



18. 21 years after the Berlin Wall came down. Wow.before-and-after-berlin-wall



19. These two kiddos 15 years apartbefore-and-after-childhood-boys



20. Father and son 28 years later, still surprised at one another!before-and-after-father-and-son



21. Meeting Hulk Hogan for the first…and second time! before-and-after-hulk-hogan



22. This couple has been together for 50 years, wow!before-and-after-childhood-couple



23. 29 years later, she’s still laughingbefore-and-after-childhood-basket-baby



24. Mommy and Mebefore-and-after-childhood-mother-son



25. And 23 years later the shoe still fits!before-and-after-childhood-boots



26. Spaghetti yesterday, spaghetti today, spaghetti tomorrow. before-and-after-childhood-pasta



27. Dat leg hair. before-and-after-childhood-car



28. The balancing act continues 22 years later!before-and-after-childhood-balancing-family



29. 10 years later, they’re still best buds. before-and-after-childhood-dog



30. Two brothers and two cousins in a tub… If it fits, I sits?before-and-after-childhood-tub



31. Parenting never ends. Neither do baby blankets apparently. before-and-after-childhood-photos-father-son


All credit goes to BoredPanda.

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