I already did
I already did

We’ve all sent a wrong text one or two times.

For those of us trying to use Siri or text with one hand while brushing your teeth, it can be hard to get your message across.

Usually it just ends up embarrassing. Or hilarious, like these parents’s text messages.

Check out these hilarious conversations!


funny-parent-texts-disney funny-parent-texts-drugs  funny-parent-texts-turkey

funny-parent-texts-autocorrectfunny-parent-texts-emoticons funny-parent-texts-gay funny-parent-texts-wtf funny-parent-texts-running funny-parent-texts-fish funny-parent-texts-left-phone funny-parents-texts-trick funny-parent-texts-sewing  funny-parent-texts-moth funny-parent-texts-imaginary-boyfriend funny-parent-texts-meeting funny-parent-texts-gibberish funny-parent-texts-messages funny-parent-texts-dad-toilet funny-parent-texts-anniversary funny-parent-texts-boyfriend funny-parent-texts-abbreviations funny-parent-texts-treadmill funny-parent-texts-voicefunny-parent-texts-google

funny-parent-texts-hashtag funny-parent-texts-picture funny-parent-texts-aunt

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