I already did
I already did

Animals are simply amazing! They come in many different shapes and sizes, but they also have other unique Characteristics like becoming invisible to predators.  Many animals are so smart that they can use their surroundings as camouflage, while others just put on some new clothes and hid themselves instantly; it’s fascinating!

It’s tricky business, but can you spot the animal in these pictures?

camouflage-Animal-2camouflage-Animal-27 camouflage-Animal-13 camouflage-Animal-26 camouflage-Animal-25 camouflage-Animal-24 camouflage-Animal-23 camouflage-Animal-22 camouflage-Animal-21 camouflage-Animal-20 camouflage-Animal-19 camouflage-Animal-18 camouflage-Animal-17 camouflage-Animal-16 camouflage-Animal-15 camouflage-Animal-14 camouflage-Animal-12 camouflage-Animal-11 camouflage-Animal-10 camouflage-Animal-9 camouflage-Animal-8 camouflage-Animal-7 camouflage-Animal-6 camouflage-Animal-5 camouflage-Animal-4 camouflage-Animal-3  camouflage-Animal-1

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