These Baking Projects Failed So Bad Your WORST Mistakes Will Look Like Success. Pinterest FAILED…

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I already did
I already did

Ah, Pinterest. The magical wonderland where everyone is a Martha Stewart armed for DIY battle with tutorials, glitter, and mason jars. With all those camera filters making life look like Instagramville, it’s easy to believe that everyone can “do it yourself”, however, these hilarious “Nailed It” pics might make you want to ask a professional. Check out these hilarious attempts before trying it out yourself – at least you’ll know what not to do!


1. These are the jack-o-lanterns that you forgot on your porch…except now it’s July. jack-o-lantern-rice-krispies-fail


2. So the ears are a bit lop-sided, so what? bunny-rolls-fail


3. Well, it may not look the same, but I’m sure it still tastes the same?cake-fail


4. We may not want to taste that rainbow. rainbow-pancakes-fail


5. Yikes, now I’m truly scared of sharks. shark-cupcakes-fail


6. Looks like you’ll just be eating fruit without the bowl.cookie-muffin-tin-cups-fail


7. I don’t know which one is scarier!hedgehog-cake-fail


8. No no, definitely not as easy as 1,2,3. smores-cookie-fail


9. This cookie monster actually looks like a monster…kinda creepy. cookie-monster-cupcake-fail


10. Looks like he has a bloody nose, folks. ice-cream-treat-fail


11. Ah, so this is why bakers use fondant. Ding! cake-pop-fail-3


12. Looks like Mary’s little lamb went through a beating! Ouch!lamb-cake-fail


13. Looks like the octi-pie actually octi-pooed. octopus-pie-fail


14. These snowmen had a little too much fun in the sun. strawberry-snowmen-fail


15. It’s ok – Grandpa Shark just needed to put his dentures in! cake-shark-fail


16. Looks like Ariel got the sunstroke – maybe she should’ve stayed under the sea? little-mermaid-cake-fail


17. From delicious to disgusting!fizzy-drink-fail


18. Making breakfast can be so hard. egg-bell-pepper-fail


19. Seems like cake pops are generally a bad DIY. cake-pop-fail-2


20. Well, it’s definitely despicable. minion-cake-fail


21. I just feel bad. This is sad. minecraft-cupcakes-fail


22. Instead of a cute pancake bear, it looks like an Angry Bird pig! Not bad! pancake-bear-fail


23. And…fail. cake-pops-peeps-fail


24. The stars and…smudges. Not stripes.




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