I already did
I already did

The world we all live in is just a little bit stranger then you might think at first.  If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to nature and weather, your about to be blown away.

You might have a hard time believing these natural occurrences are real, but they are and they’re pretty bizarre at that!

Here are the 15 most strange and incredible natural wonders from around the world.

1. The Red Tidered-tide

This red colored tide that is washing up on the shore is caused by a huge algae Buildup in the water.  This buildup causes the blood red coloration as you see above.

2. Volcanic Lightening


A mixture of charged particles and lightening with the eruption of a volcano causes this insane display of wonder.  Many believe that this may be an act of God, but in any case, it’s an extremely difficult sight to capture on camera.  Thankfully this was captured via Sakurajima it sure is an amazing sight to see!

3. FireFox


This Weird Phenomenon is caused when the fungus from rotting trees produces Bio-luminescent light and causes this green color called FireFox.  This is a real occurrence and can be seen in the dark of night.

4. Mammatus Clouds


This cloud formation is composed by lobes of clouds usually happens at the during the onslaught of extreme weather.

5. Fire Rainbows


This wonderful occurrence of light and cloud is a result of the formation of plate shaped ice crystals in the air infused into cirrus clouds and then you get this beautiful phenomenon!

6. Cappuccino Sea

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“Nature always surprise world in different ways, This time nature surprised people of Capetown, South africa. Sea Point beach on the outskirts of the city was filled with foam, suddenly splashing on the shore. It looked so, as if the ocean was turned into a giant cup of cappuccino.” —

7. Catatumbo Lightning


You probably don’t want to be the target in this lighting storm…

8. Brinicle


This strange occurrence is completely real and happens when salt water is excluded from the sea as the ice sinks.

9. Waterspout Waternado


What happens when you place a tornado on water?  You get a waternado, or more commonly called a “Waterspout” These Waterspouts don’t actually suck up any water, instead they form condensation… “Waterspouts and tornadoes are similar in that they are formed when hot, humid air rises up, creating clouds, which condense and release more heat, making the heat rise even faster. These hot currents rising upwards are what create the funnels.” via:

10. Bioluminescence In The Sea


 via National Geographic

These amazing glowing portions in bodies of water is nothing other then bioluminescent organisms. (small animals in the water) It might seem crazy, but they can glow in complete darkness. They contain a unique compound called luciferin which gives them light.  You can activate this by moving your feet over the water or by the movement of the waves as seen above.  I’ve seen this myself and it is just as amazing as it looks!  It’s incredible… 

11. Aurora Borealis

Aurora-Borealis This amazing display of lights is caused by highly charged electrons from the solar wind which interact with elements in the earth’s atmosphere to display what many call the “northern lights.” via: Polite Society

12. The White Rainbow

White Rainbow

Nope, this isn’t colorful, but it’s still a rainbow, and as bizarre as it might seem, it’s real!

13. Haboob Sandstorm tss_1391427679_8

This is a natural phenomenon which usually happens only in arid regions like dubai along with other middle eastern regions.  These storms can reduce visibility to 0% and cause your eyeballs to itch like a burning deamon…

14. Sun Pillars


This happens when ice crystals present in the earths atmosphere cause shafts of light.

15. Firenado


I was terrified when I first saw these fiery tornado’s, but what is even more scary is that they are completely real! These firenado’s are caused when a tornado starts sucking up fire.  This can be HIGHLY destructive and a scary sight to see…

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